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Plotting density in R

How to plot density plot(density(DATA)) Rainbow color in R If you want to make a plot have rainbow color range, you can use rainbow function: rcol=rainbow(length(YOURDATA)) plot(DATAX, DATAY, type=”l”) points(DATAX, DATAY, pch=16, col=rcol) Simple Plot How to change the size of text in a plot? Use argument cex.[attribute] , and examples are below: main titles […]

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Useful R syntax

Reading table of selected file from a broswer read.table(file.choose()) nrow (dat) # number of rows head (dat) # shows names and first few rows of dat paste(“hello”, “world”, sep=”-“) # hello-world source(mylibrary.R) # will import mylibrary content rep(NA, 5) # NA NA NA NA NA rep(1:4, 2) # 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 […]

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