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django tips

What’s the difference between Objects.filter vs. Objects.get Objects.filter returns what’s defined in publish method and Objects.get returns instance In redirect to a view with a foreign key pk =

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Oracle 11g installation Error: username and password invalid

After installing Oracle 11g, you are prompted to login on Some tutorial sites suggest “system/oracle” or “system/manager” But Nothing really worked for me. I just needed to access to sqlplus as sysdba and alter the user table from command window sqlplus / as sysdba alter user sys identified by syspass; alter user system identified […]

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How to use Git

Assuming git is already installed on your computer, this is how you can start using git to track versions of your codes or development. Make a project directory (if you already have it, skip this part) mkdir myProj Go to the project directory cd myProj Create git repository for your project and add the file […]

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